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Mindboggling Mass of Tubular Towers Imagined for Queens

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Behold, the most exciting and completely insane thing ever proposed for Queens: the Urban Alloy Towers. This sea creature-like mass of tubular towers comes from the minds of Chad Kellogg and Matt Bowles of AMLGM. The simple, boring explanation of this craziness is that it's a mixed-use development and transportation hub proposed for the area surrounding the LIRR station in Woodside, but AMLGM's website has a more high-brow, archi-babble explanation, for those who want all the details and diagrams. The mind-bending structure, which is sheathed in a flexible skin made of metal fins that each have a specific "solar orientation," will never see the light of day, but make-believe is always fun. Especially when it involves ridiculous renderings.

The Urban Alloy Towers proposal was one of the winners in Metropolis Magazine's recent "Living Cities" design competition.
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