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A city councilman is stepping up to bat once again in front of the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Following last year's strike-out, Jumaane Williams is once more attempting to secure landmark designation for a former home of baseball legend Jackie Robinson, this time by launching a nationwide petition, reports the Post. The East Flatbush dwelling—a national landmark since 1976—is believed to have housed Robinson and his wife from about 1947 to 1949. Williams believes the city's designation would grant the property at 5224 Tilden Avenue more protection than its current status. Despite the petition's 8,500 signatures, the committee doesn't sound like they'll slide: "It was determined that the building on Tilden Avenue where he and his family rented an apartment for a period of just over one year does not commemorate his life and work as well as his home in Addisleigh Park, where he resided during major milestones of his career."
· Battle continues to preserve Jackie Robinson's home [NYP]