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See a Glorious, Just-Uncovered Hotel Ceiling Mural From 1927

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[All photos by Ber Murphy, via Evergreene Architectural Arts.]

After one year of painstaking conservation efforts, a 1927 fresco hidden underneath over a dozen layers of white paint and plaster has been unearthed. Then-prolific artist Joseph Aruta painted the ceiling in the lobby of the iconic Sherry-Netherland Hotel on 59th Street in the Beaux-Arts style, but it was mysteriously covered up. The Daily News reports that it took five Evergreene Architectural Arts conservationists to unveil the 860-square-foot mural, which has all the customary frills, flourishes, and cherubs. (For aficionados out there, there's a video of the process.) It's on view now for all to see; for a preview, check out the before-and-after graphic above and more photos below.

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