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Afterthought Plazas in Dumbo To Become Exercise Course

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A series of concrete plazas that appeared in Dumbo following the construction of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway are looking to get a makeover. The three Bridge Parks, described by the Brooklyn Paper as "the worst parks ever" are vying for a new existence as a workout loop, to be made possible through a competition held by the Dumbo Improvement District. The organization hopes to recreate eight small parks into a mile long fitness track. Designers entering the competition can include things such as signs and paint; as long as the finished product encourages activity. The proposed route starts at the Cadman Plaza running loop, passes Clumber Corner and Bar and Grill Park, moves under the Manhattan Bridge, and loops around the three Bridge Parks. Once planted in the fall, the workout course will be left up for a year. The Department of Small Business Services is paying for the revitalization effort, which they expect will cost about $40,000.
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