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Protect the Palisades Ad; First Whitney Condo in Contract

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THE PALISADES—Anti-LG tower coalition Protect the Palisades has released a new ad (above) sarcastically tearing apart the electronic manufacturer's plan to mar the Hudson River Palisades with an eight-story tower. The basic message is a simple one: the Palisades are beautiful and the LG tower is going to ugly them up, but since basically no one seems to actually be in favor of the tower, it's a point well taken. [Youtube; previously]

UPPER EAST SIDE—Daniel E. Straus's Whitney rowhouses-turned-condos development launched sales in January, and now the first of the ten units has gone into contract. Unit no. 5A, a 3,851-square-foot 3BR/3.5BA, was asking $17.5 million. No word on the agreed upon price, but considering how quickly it found a buyer, it's probably something close to ask. [CurbeWire Inbox; previously]