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From Ornate To Decrepit, Chronicling NYC's Eclectic Windows

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Welcome to All in the Details, a semi-regular series in which New York city photographers offer us glimpses of little-noticed, under-appreciated architectural elements that appear on buildings across the city. Have an idea for a future installment? Send it to the tipline, please.

Having documented New York City's face-wielding facades and ubiquitous fire escapes, photographer Bob Estremera has turned his attention to another architectural feature: windows. He shot the 35 black-and-white images in this gallery over a two-year span, in neighborhoods from midtown to downtown Manhattan with a slight emphasis on the Village and the Lower East Side. More than a functional orifice, he sees his subjects as one embodiment of the city's history, places where physical beauty and old age intersect. "What struck me about them was a combination of architectural form, composition, and often a state of decay, which made some of them interesting," Estremera says. "Also some of them have curtains that created a hint of the human element within."

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