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Lescaze Glass Brick Townhouse Returns With Inflated Price

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This East 74th Street townhouse, designed and built in 1934 by Swiss modernist architect William Lescaze, last sold in 2008 for $12 million. It was put back on the market two years later for $14 million, and there it stayed until February of 2013, at which point it was delisted. Now it's back, asking $19.5 million, because if no one would buy it a year ago then it makes perfect sense that someone would buy it now for a 39 percent higher price. On the other hand, the house is unique, on the Upper East Side, at least. From the brokerbabble: "Different kinds of glass - clear, rippled, diffused, and glass bricks creating a kaleidoscope of color - from William Lescaze remain to flood the interior with direct and diffused light." On the other hand, judging by the lack of interior photos with the listing, it seems likely that it still hasn't gotten the renovation that its former broker said it needs.

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