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Huge Apartments May Be Coming to Dormant 55th St. Site

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The site at 12 West 55th Street has been something of a mystery since it was purchased in 2006 by a Texas developer, not developed, sold to JD Carlisle in 2009, and still not developed (although permits were filed for a 22-story building and rejected by the Department of Buildings). Now, NY YIMBY has spotted, at long last, some new DOB permits for the site. Goldstein, Hill & West have been replaced as architects by Perkins Eastman, and the building will be a mere six stories tall, totaling 27,204 square feet and containing only four residential units, meaning that the units will be an average of 6,801 square feet. If JD Carlisle does develop a building that small, it's unclear what they're doing with the over 100,000 square feet of air rights they assembled, but either way, we'd like to get a look at those apartments.
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