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Shuttered Greenpoint Catholic School To Become Housing

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Two school buildings on Monitor Street in Greenpoint that are on a 49-year lease from St. Cecilia's Catholic church are being converted into apartments. The larger of the two buildings at 17 Monitor Street will be carved into 69 dwellings while the smaller at 21 Monitor Street will be turned into 15 apartments, Brooklyn Eagle reports. The conversion is being led by a developer shielded behind an anonymous LLC but DOB filings indicate the Mother of Lugubrious Architecture herself, Nataliya Donskoy, is the architect of record. The century-old school closed in the dark days of 2008.

The LLC is also behind the conversion of the former Saints Cyril and Methodius school at 96 Dupont Street, alternative address 125 Eagle Street, where a two-bedroom with a large outdoor patio is currently renting for $3,200. "We don't know what drew the [LLC] into the Catholic school-buildings conversion niche," the Brooklyn Eagle writes, but despite their reach in the area, the anonymous LLC is not the only developer chewing up northern Brooklyn churches and spitting them back out as residential buildings. A recent conversion at 541 Leonard Street saw three apartments with telltale sloped- and beamed-ceilings brave the market starting at $2.3 million.
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