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NYU Chief's Son Had On-Campus Home Amid Housing Crunch

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The Post has a positively scathing expose about NYU president John Sexton that will undoubtedly not further reconciliation in the long war between the university and its neighbors. Various public records, documents, and anonymous sources corroborated the salacious fact that Sexton's son Jed—who has no affiliation with the school except for his father, and his wife, who served as an administrative employee at the law school for a time—lived in a combined apartment while the university was undergoing a housing shortage.

To add insult to injury, the younger Sexton moved into the "lavish, two-story spread" at 240 Mercer Street in 2002, the year a report on the campus housing shortage was released, labeling it "severe" and calling for reforms. He and his wife stayed for five years, though they occupied separate apartments in the same building since the 90s, when 240 Mercer actually had a vacancy problem. An NYU rep declined to comment on whether Jed and his wife paid market-rate rent on the apartment, though he did say that they definitely paid rent, and that the 2002 housing shortage didn't apply to the law school. Such scandal.
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—Photo of 240 Mercer via Property Shark