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Billyburg Loft With Decrepit Walls, Ceiling Wants $1.5M Cash

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This one-bedroom Williamsburg loft has been looking for a buyer since early November, and here are a few reasons it might not be selling, even though it entered contract once. 1) The concrete walls and ceiling, exposed brick walls, and sporadic columns look like they might fall down at any minute. Atmospheric... or just rundown? 2) The cost. Initially asking $1.6 million, the sellers chopped the price down to $1,495,000 this week. 2) The strings. The brokerbabble exclaims: "**All-Cash Transactions ONLY**"! The ceilings do go up to 20 feet high, but does that make up for the lack of... everything else?

· 330 Wythe Avenue #4F [Corcoran via StreetEasy]
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