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111-Year-Old Carriage House Sells For First Time, Gets $13.4M

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After just three months on the market, a rather special 111-year old carriage house on East 73rd Street has sold for $13.4 million, $1.1 million off of its $14.3 million ask. The century-old home has been in the seller's family since it was built as a carriage house for typewriter pioneer Henry Harper Benedict, also the seller's great uncle. The Observer notes that while the interiors of the limestone and roman brick structure may be ripe for a renovation, there's still plenty of room to live in the expansive home throughout renovation. The 25-foot-wide but excessively deep two-story home has a garage with room for five cars, six bedrooms, and two-and-a-half kitchens with one below-ground floor. The home with 5,058 inhabitable square feet was listed with the option to purchase the seller's father's collection of 5,000 antique toy soldiers, pictured above, showcased in the living room "in a display befitting a high-end jeweler." No word yet on who the buyer is, and whether or not they took the fun bait.

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