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This New York City Map Will Offend Pretty Much Everyone

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Our pals down south in Atlanta came across a map where every neighborhood got labeled according to its (rather offensive) stereotype, and now someone has done the same for NYC. Yay? Untapped Cities points us to this gem cartographical experiment by Joe Larson RBD Enterprises, via an entire blog called Judgmental Maps. (UPDATE: It's a riff on one by Joe Larson that just covered Manhattan.) A section of the map is excerpted above, with the full version below. To name just a few offensive things: "black people" labeled for Harlem; "international hasidic zone" for South Williamsburg; and "used condoms," occasional gunfire," and "empty bottles of brandy" for parts of southeast Brooklyn. He only includes "the parts that matter," which leaves out most of the Bronx plus Staten island. A few spots are apt and sorta funny, like "Worst Train Station Ever" over the much-maligned Penn. Way to play to the cliches.

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