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First Look at the 27 Apartments Coming to First Avenue

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It's been about seven years since renderings for a new building at 75 First Avenue at Fifth Street started floating around, and judging from previous visions for the site, the East Village would look like a bona fide Williamsburg by now if it were not for its 2008 rezoning. Gone are the days—at least for now—that would see a rather bland 14-story glass tower with terraces join the squat 'hood. The site is now poised to embrace a more contextual 8-story, 27-unit building developed by Orange Management and designed by HTO Architects and NO Architecture. YIMBY, who first spotted the new rendering, points out that the site is currently under a stop-work order; maybe something to do with the site's "byzantine fire codes" which gave rise to the building's gradient increase in size of windows along its north facade.

When complete, the building will span 34,055-square-feet, with 8,456-square-feet dedicated to ground floor retail space. No word yet on whether the building will be condos or rentals. The project is projected to be complete in 2015.
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75 First Avenue

75 First Avenue, New York, NY