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See The Superb Overhaul of NYC's 'Worst Real Estate Listing'

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[Before photo via StreetEasy; after photo via Lonny.]

An Alphabet City apartment deemed 2010's worst real estate listing, complete with a plastic-covered couch and a tightly packed bedroom with dresser drawers that couldn't open, has been completely redone. Shelter magazine Lonny profiled prop stylist Anthony D'Argenzio's one-bedroom walk-up, noting that the extensive renovations took over half a year and involved stripping the floors past their 90s-era shiny veneer down to the raw wood. Where there once stood cabinets stuffed with the former tenant's crystal collection, there's now an elegant exposed brick wall painted white that serves as a backdrop for classic wooden furnishings and carefully chosen curios. According to the apartment's broker, D'Argenzio did cajole the former owner into selling her chandelier along with the apartment—for a grand total of $150.

[Before and after photos via Lonny.]

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