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Where Do New York City's Non-Native Residents Come From?

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U.S. residents these days move cross-country at the drop of the hat —and there's no shortage of maps of those trends—but one way to track migration patterns is via cell phone numbers. When people relocate, they tend to hold onto their mobile numbers, making an analysis of the ones registered in a particular city a ready-made data set of who is moving from where. White Pages-style search engine Spokeo crunched the data on New York City's registered numbers, and found that after a catch-all mash-up of states deemed "other," most folks are coming from Connecticut or New Jersey, followed by Massachusetts (take that, Red Sox), Florida, and Rhode Island. Originally suburban young professionals and others must be migrating to the city, rather than the reverse, it seems. Spokeo breaks it down even further by matching area codes to particular cities, and according to that info, here's where present-day New Yorkers are hailing from:

5. Jersey City, N.J.
4. Chicago, Ill.

3. Los Angeles, Calif.
2. San Fransisco, Calif.
1. Washington, D.C.

Guess San Francisco isn't really the new New York after all, eh, Kevin Roose? And government jobs in the nation's capital must only hold so much allure.

Here's the full list of 20 New York resident-feeding metros:

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