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SBJGroup Designing More Glowing Towers in Long Island City

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The Stephen B. Jacobs Group, apparently not satisfied with just one brightly lit apartment tower, have revealed the renderings for another pair at 29-26 Northern Boulevard in Long Island City. The project, dubbed The QE7 (it's close to the Q, E, and 7 trains), was conceived by the Rabsky Group, who acquired the site last fall for $35 million. They sold it to Simon Baron Development Group last month for $54 million, and Simon Baron plans to follow through and build the 43-story tower, keeping SBJGroup as architects. The initial permits for the new building were disapproved in January.

The QE7 will contain 415 apartments — a mix of studios, 1BRs, 2BRs, and 3BRs, which is somewhat unusual for Long Island City — and ground-floor retail. SBJ Group explains the glowing design by writing, on their website, "The curved shapes of the top of the building and the LED illuminated tracks on the front façade were inspired by the Y-shaped path of the elevated tracks adjacent to the site." They also refer to the building as "an urban vertical cruise ship" with "a two-story fitness center on the 2nd and 4th floors with lounge, gym, spa, climbing wall, pool, and outdoor 5v5 soccer pitch. A covered outdoor half-court basketball court is located on the 38th floor setback, and a rooftop bar and lounge is on the 43rd floor, with access to outdoor terrace space and unobstructed panoramic views."