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Gov. Island Sculptures; The Geography of Brownstone Brooklyn

GOVERNORS ISLAND—FIGMENT, a participatory and "de-commodified" art event, will be hosting a summer-long sculpture exhibition on Governors Island. The exhibition is free and open to the publicand will be open June 7 until September 21. The event's four sculptures invite viewer engagement. [CurbedWire inbox; official]

BROOKLYN—Brooklyn-based Ideal Properties Group has released a report on the state of Brownstone and North Brooklyn in the first quarter of 2014. Turns out that 22-percent of all new tenants in the area were from out-of-state, up from 18-percent during the same time period last year. 10-percent of all new tenants in the area were from outside of the country. Additionally, Manhattanites comprised only 13-percent of all new leases signed, down from an alarming 53-percent in the first quarter of 2006. Connecticut and California contributed the largest percentage of new occupants, at 21- and 17-percent respectively. [CurbedWire inbox; previously]