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Touring a Billionaire CEO's $14.9M 'Ultimate Soho Penthouse'

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In the year since he put it on the market, Hartz Mountain CEO and general billionaire Leonard Stern hasn't had much luck finding a buyer for the duplex apartment atop 459 West Broadway that's been dubbed the "ultimate Soho penthouse." New York magazine just took a video tour of the the 4,315-square-foot 4BR/4.5BA, from the restaurant-caliber kitchen ("that's how a billionaire would make a really great grilled cheese sandwich") and the butler's pantry for entertaining to the marble bonanza that is the master bath and the kitted-out rooftop. Up there, check out the "zen solarium," pool, lounge, and full kitchen with a gas grill, a dishwasher, and a fridge. Concludes broker Jay Glazer: "What you're really selling is just a fully furnished lifestyle that comes with the apartment." What remains to be seen is if anyone actually wants to buy that for the current price of $14,900,000.
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459 West Broadway

459 West Broadway, New York, NY

459 West Broadway

459 West Broadway, New York NY