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West Village Duplex With Helix Staircase Wants $4.25M

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Here's a fun listing: this duplex apartment in the West Village's 35 Bethune Street just hit the market asking $4.25 million, or just under $2,500 per square foot. The highlight is probably the central helix-shaped staircase that connects the two levels, but the painted exposed brick, wood ceiling beams, columns, and two fireplaces all assist in lending the place a certain charm. The lower levels holds the living room, powder room kitchen, and one of the bedrooms, while the other two bedrooms are located on the upper level, along with two full baths and a hallway-like office. According to public records, the unit last sold in May of 2010 for an even $3 million.

· Listing: 35 Bethune Street #2/3A [Elliman]