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How To Turn an Upper East Side 2BR Into a Three-Bedroom

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Doug Perlson, the head of tech-centric brokerage RealDirect, has taken full advantage of a new software the company is developing. Called Homebildr, it makes fiddling with floorplans a breeze. While it's not yet available to the public, Perlson has taken to Tumblr in order to show clients (and interested parties in general) how different floorplans can be tweaked to add value to a home. With inventory at a ridiculous low, Perlson holds that it's important to see the potential in the little that's on the market, even if it means totally revamping an apartment's layout.

That's what he did with the two-bedroom condo on the market for $1,450,000 at 455 East 86th Street. Using the software, he turned it into a 3BR. "The easy part was dividing the nearly 19-foot master bedroom in two," he writes. "However, the challenge was figuring out how to access each half of the room, since there was a large, en suite bathroom blocking the way. However, with some creative maneuvering, we cut the master bath in half to create a new hallway and provide access to the new rooms." Toggle right to see the full "before" version, left for the full "after." Readers, weigh in. Do you like the new floorplan, or the original?
· Homebildr Tumblr [official]