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Murray Hill's 'Miami Vice' Townhouse Resurfaces Asking $8M

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The George S. Bowdoin Carriage House has, on the inside, retained basically none of the original character that is still evident on the Dutch Revival facade — it has drawn comparisons to "Miami Vice" and James Bond, and indeed, if 007 were to build a house in Miami in the '80s this may well be what it would look like. However, in a present day New York City market made up primarily of non-super spies, the 38th Street house has had quite a bit of difficulty finding a buyer. After selling for $5 million in 2005, it was re-listed for a way-too-ambitious $13.95 million in 2011, and a series of pricechops has brought it down to its current ask of $7.999 million. It also has a few new photos which attempt to portray the house in a more subdued light, with the neon no longer on display, although there's really only so much they can do.

· Listing: 149 East 38th Street [Brown Harris Stevens]
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149 East 38th Street

149 East 38th Street, New York, NY