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775-Foot Cantilevering Flatiron Tower Will Look Like This

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NY YIMBY has gotten his hands on a couple renderings of developer Ian Bruce Eichner's long-planned 41 East 22nd Street, and it looks more or like you would expect a tower whose main priority is being very, very tall to look — smooth, glassy (with a fairly insignificant stone base), and, of course, tall. With a planned height of 775 feet, the tower is set to trump neighboring tower One Madison by 150 feet. (The exact height has fluctuated throughout the planning process, with numbers ranging from 718 to 800 feet. Either way, it's going to be tallest thing in its immediate area by far.) It is being designed by Kohn Pederson Fox, with Goldstein Hill & West as the architects of record, and will contain a total of 81 (very expensive) apartments.

One notable feature of the tower's design is that it will cantilever 17 feet over the five-story building to the west, adding to the cantilevering megatowers trend that has been catching on within the past year. Demolition is currently underway on the existing structures at the site.
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