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Peter Poon's Midtown Hotel Reveals Revised, Less Cool Design

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Another day, another midtown hotel reveal. The looks of this 22-story project slated for 36th Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues aren't too palm-to-forehead, though. (Do two non-rotten apples make a trend?) New York YIMBY, which first published both the renderings and the DOB diagrams for this Peter Poon-designed 162-roomer, notes that the design has changed over time. The bottom of the building is set back 12 feet from the street, which YIMBY notes mars the continuity of the block, and some of the higher-floor flourishes have been toned down, leaving the building more bland than originally planned. Still, at least Poon didn't take an inspiration from (shudder) his hotel at 50 Bowery uptown with him. According to its official website [warning: PDF], the "Executive Hotel Le Soleil New York" will open in March 2015.
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