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Big Reveal: $725,000 For a 2BR Co-op in Manhattan Valley

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Either the market craziness is skewing people's judgement or this apartment has some big, bad secret because every single Pricespotter guess was more than the unit's asking price. The co-op, located at 235 West 108th Street in Manhattan Valley on the Upper West Side, is listed for $725,000. The closest guess was $745,000 and that came from someone who thought it was a walk-up (it's not). No one thought that the space was well-laid out, and even still, most guesses were well over $100K more than the asking price.

"$850k. But if you're living in a three-bedroom with no dining room, a 150sf living room, and one bathroom, you should really consider giving up and moving to the suburbs."

"2 bedroom railroad flat that should be the starter apartment for 2 kids right out of college. Instead they are probably asking 1.1 million."

"makes me very glad i live in a spacious condo in brooklyn. seems suffocating for a family. $1.2."

Anyone have a change of heart? Or will this place sell for way more than it's asking?

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