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This $900K Condo is South Bronx's Most Expensive Apartment

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This 3BR/1BA loft is now the most expensive single apartment ever listed in the South Bronx, according to Welcome2TheBronx, who spotted the listing. (As far as the rest of the Bronx goes, there are some very expensive condos in Riverdale, but that's Riverdale.) The 2,350-square-foot, fifth-floor unit in Bronx Bricks, the South Bronx's first privately financed condominium building, hit the market a little over a week ago with an asking price of $900,000. It originally sold in 2008, the year after the building was converted, to opera singer Silvie Jensen, who paid $712,775 for the pad (the other ten units in the building all sold for between $388K and $789K). Jensen's apartment appears to be the second in the building to go back on the market — the first, a 1BR on the second floor, basically broke even when it resold for just under $400K in 2011.

· Listing: 305 East 140th Street 5B [Halstead]
· Condo loft listing price of $900,000 breaks record in the South Bronx [W2TB]