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See Christian de Portzamparc Explain His Tower of Glassitude

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Pritzker Prize-winning architect Christian de Portzamparc's Tower of Glassitude at 400 Park Avenue South has been in development for what seems like forever, but now with actual condo sales possibly on the horizon (according to the teaser website, "400 Park Avenue South is anticipated to open for sale in early 2014"), developers Toll Brothers have released a video of de Portzamparc himself talking about his creation. After waxing poetic about architecture for a little while ("It was like drawing not on a paper but into space.") de Portzamparc gets into the building itself, calling it "not really a tower but it is like a gathering of different towers together, at an angle which is very particular and I think it is providing interesting apartments, interesting views. And I think what is interesting is this prismatic, oblique type of volume in Manhattan. It's including itself well in the block but it's providing some dynamic with the sky." He also touches on the high stakes of architecture: "If this is not good, it's bad. It's not neutral, you know. You like it or you suffer of it."
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400 Park Avenue South

400 Park Avenue South, New York, NY

Tower of Glassitude

400 Park Avenue South, New York, NY