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Horsing Around

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The city is negotiating a deal with carriage horse owners that would give them yellow taxi medallions to compensate for their lost livelihood as Bill de Blasio's proposed ban on horse-drawn carriages looms. The medallions, which have sold at auction this year for nearly $1 million, are worth significantly more than a carriage license, which recently traded for $200,000. The city's 68 carriage horse drivers hold up the $19 million per year tourist industry.

UPDATE: The representative of the carriage horse industry in front of City Hall has come forth with a statement claiming no such agreement has been discussed, "The subject has not been raised between the industry and the administration, and we are not interested. Our members have worked with horses all their lives and have no interest in trading a carriage for a cab. We remain open to working with the administration to find a solution that preserves Central Park's horse carriage industry." [NYP; previously]