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Soho Penthouse Co-op Sells for $26.58M, Just Missing Record

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Artist Charles Ross's incredible penthouse in 383 West Broadway aimed to set a downtown co-op record when it was listed for $32 million back in November, but it ended up just missing out as the Journal reports that it closed for $26.58 million, a mere $920,000 below the current record holder in 141 Prince Street. Still, $26.58 million is nothing to sneeze at, and it was pretty much all profit for Ross, who has owned the loft since the '70s. According to the journal, he kept the unit as raw studio space for decades before shrewdly buying the building's roof deck and renovating and listing the apartment in partnership with photographer Damion Berger. The gut-renovation added skylights and other fancy built-ins, turning the penthouse into what the Times described as a "self-illuminating, Savant-powered 7,200-square-foot pleasure palace ripe for the ultraluxury market."
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