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Bye Bye Pier 17 Mall; Previews Begin at 400 Park Avenue South

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SEAPORT—Demolition has begun at the mall at Pier 17, where Untapped Cities caught plumes of smoke and other demolition debris spiraling in the air. It seems the South Street Seaport Historic District, once referred to as "truly at one point the front door to the United States of America" by the president of the Seaport museum, is in a state of flux following the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy. The Howard Hughes Corporation plans on bringing a 50-story tower to the proximity of the pier. [Untapped Cities; previously]

PARK AVENUE—Some more information about the Toll Brothers' development at 400 Park Avenue South has joined the (controlled) leak. In addition to the announcement of previews beginning at the Christian de Portzamparc-designed building's sales gallery, so too has rough pricing for the units been unveiled. Studios will start at approximately $1.2 million, and four-bedrooms will start around $15 million. [CurbedWire inbox; previously]

Pier 17

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