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Former Gramercy Police Station Being Converted to Condos

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327 East 22nd Street in Gramercy was built in 1863 as a police station and was later used by a nonprofit as a group home for LGBTQ youth. But now it's 2014 and the building is being turned into luxury condos, just like everything else. After the nonprofit's contract with the city's Administration for Children's Services expired last year, the building (along with 7,000 square feet of additional air rights) was sold to Suzuki Capital for $11.5 million, and Suzuki just announced plans to convert it into a "boutique condo buyers will find appealing," according to the company's CEO. He added that the building's past and location "offers a true New York City story dating back to the 'Gangs of New York' era."* Specifics about the project have yet to be revealed.

* This is a reference to a long-forgotten period in New York City history where buildings were used for purposes other than luxury condos. Obviously, it was a really long time ago.
· Suzuki to Turn Old 21st Precinct Station House into Condos [NYO]