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The Priciest (and Cheapest) NYC Neighborhoods To Rent a 1BR

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It's time for another rental reality check from our friends at listing site Zumper. Divided into two easy-to-read maps, here's what it cost to live in a one-bedroom apartment in neighborhoods across New York City in March of this year. Darker pink equals pricey; lighter pink equals less so. Much of Manhattan's areas take on a dark hue, with the most expensive median rents for a 1BR found in afflicting these five 'hoods: Tribeca ($4,210); the "Garment District" (which seems to encompass Nomad and Flatiron, too, at $3,695); Chelsea ($3,662); and the West Village and FiDi (tied at $3,650). It doesn't get much cheaper across the East River in northwestern Brooklyn, where the priciest area to reside is Dumbo, with a median rent of $4,075 for a one-bedroom. Clustered around that industrial-turned-hip part of town are the borough's next most costly neighborhoods of Vinegar Hill ($3,100), Downtown Brooklyn ($2,980), and Brooklyn Heights ($2,950).

If you're seeking a one-bedroom to rent for less than $2,000 a month, it's Queens, baby, with Astoria ($1,850) and Long Island City ($1,850) as viable options. There are also more eastern and southern parts of Brooklyn—try Crown Heights ($1,450), Bushwick ($1,695), Bed-Stuy ($1,750), or "Greenwood Heights" ($1,850).

Is this median rent data commensurate with experience in these neighborhoods? Leave real-world advice on where deals can be had (or, more likely, not, because this, and this...) in the comments section below.
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