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Relive the 1964 World's Fair Via Awesome Vintage Newsreel

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Flashback Friday it is!: Multimedia news source British Pathé just uploaded 85,000 vintage newsreels to their YouTube channel. The stock includes videos of historically significant, interesting, and amusing events from the world over. Today we've picked out two timely videos from the 1964 World's Fair, which kicked off its 50th anniversary this week. The videos bring back to life the aura of excitement and wonder that surrounded the grand event. Here now, see the Tent of Tomorrow, monorail and unisphere in their original glory, and watch "the West Side Story ballet" rehearse on "one of the Antony and Cleopatra stages," amongst many other happenings across the fairgrounds. And these World's Fair videos are just the first we're pulling from the new resource. Stay tuned for more classic gems.

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