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Insanely Charming West Village Townhouse Wants $10.8M

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Probably the most telling fact about this West Village townhouse at 83 Horatio Street is that there are seven fireplaces, and four of them are functional. It's that kind of place. The Greek Revival house was built in 1852 and has been occupied by its current owner since at least 1967 (as far back as city records stretch), allowing it to retain an impressive number of charming details. The owner, artist Marjorie Colt, described in the brokerbabble as "the unofficial mayor of Horatio Street for decades, an artist whose gifts at the easel are reflected in a lush and painterly garden," has used her home as a hotel in the past, renting out single rooms for only $100/night, and has now put the whole place on the market for $10.8 million. The brokerbabble is strong with this one:

Her decision to relinquish this jewel box offers some very lucky individual or family the opportunity to enjoy the romance of 19th Century New York: perhaps a family with small children, an artist to treasure the northern light or a composer who will add his voice to the chorus which is Greenwich Village. Also worth mentioning are the garret (livable attic) and the covered horse-walk that provides a separate entrance to the garden.

· Listing: 83 Horatio Street [Keller Williams NYC]