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Check Out This Depressing Rental Market Infographic

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The Furman Center at NYU, along with Capital One, released yet another rental market report last week, and guess what? Renting an apartment in New York City is still a stupid thing that only an insane person would do.

The report essentially details the relationship between rent and income (yes, again), and of course, the findings are pretty bleak. The difference here is that the report's findings have been organized into a neat little infographic, making it much more efficient at ruining your day. Indeed, that market reports always end up being a depressing chore is basically a foregone conclusion at this point, but dry figures and charts simply don't hit home the way big, colorful graphics do.

· "The Cost of Renting in New York City: NYU Furman Center/Capital One Affordable Rental Housing Landscape" [Furman Center]
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