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Karim Rashid Building Breaks Ground; 10 Bond in Contract

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EAST HARLEM—HAP Investments announced today the absolutely bonkers Karim Rashid-designed building at 329 Pleasant Avenue, which they have named HAP 5, has broken ground. "HAP 5 is destined to be a unique residential building and a great addition to this East Harlem neighborhood. We look forward to progress on construction and are excited to again partner with Karim Rashid on creating another premier New York City property," said Eran Polack, the company's CEO. That means that before long, this incredibly out of context pile of storage bins Barbie's dream condo Anaheim Mighty Ducks tribute whatever it is will soon be a real thing that exists in the world. Meanwhile, neighbors are still trying to drum up support for a protest. "This is the most neighborhood unfriendly developer, design, and development that has ever had the gall to attempt construction in East Harlem," one tipster tell us. Can't wait. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

NOHO—It probably flew under the radar this morning in a story mostly about a neighboring site, but after units in the Annabelle Selldorf-designed 10 Bond Street hit the market at the beginning of this month, three of the 11 total apartments have already entered contract, according to Streeteasy. A $7.75 million 3BR, $7.35 million 3BR, and $5.1 million 2BR are all in contract, while three other listed units, ranging in price from $4.55 million to $6.9 million, are still available. The other four have yet to be listed. Construction on the building is up to the second story. [Streeteasy; previously]

10 Bond Street

10 Bond Street, New York, NY