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This Is Not Clinton Hill's Most Attractive New Building

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Brownstoner brings us the sad history and somehow even sadder present reality of 474 Grand Avenue, a new building in Clinton Hill that looks like it was constructed out of beige Tetris blocks.

The site was purchased in 2005 for $1.1 million by architect Jorge Concepcion, who planned a completely different-looking four-story, eight-unit building that, although odd in certain respects, was clearly preferable to what happened after he handed off design responsibilities to Panagiotis Vikatos of Vikatos Architect PC. Vikatos's plan, submitted in 2006, was finally approved this January and the developers wasted little time making his vision a reality. Perhaps even stranger than the materials of the facade are the tiny, seemingly randomly placed windows that are sprinkled all over it. (As one Brownstoner commenter put it, "If Brooklyn is ever under siege, the owner can poke rifles out of the teeny tiny windows.") The building is one floor taller than the original design at five stories and 10 units.
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