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This Infographic Nails Manhattan Neighborhood Stereotypes

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Continuing the trend of featuring kind-of offensive, geographically-based images, here now: a spot-on infographic of the "typical" kinds of roommates you'll find in 20 different Manhattan 'hoods, along with the neighborhoods' average rent. The infographic comes to our attention via Curbed Chicago, and is from home-hunting website Apartment List, which is using the image to promote the relaunch of its roommate-finding mobile app. The image not only includes such accuracies as Nolita's typical "gluten free, shade-grown activist" occupier, but also useful information like the average cost of a one- and two-bedroom apartment, and how much rent can be saved by living with a roommate in each neighborhood (and how that extra moolah translates into, mostly, delicious food items found in the vicinity). Even if you're not interested in scoping the real estate scene, the list is at least good for a laugh.

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