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Adjmi, Selldorf Buildings Rising on One Noho Block

EV Grieve got some pictures this weekend of the two Lafayette Avenue construction sites at 372 Lafayette Street and 10 Bond Street that will soon be home to Morris Adjmi- and Annabelle Selldorf-designed residential buildings. Both are being built simultaneously, with the first level completed for each building. While the rendering for 10 Bond looks like nothing new, the one for 372 Lafayette (right, click to make big) appears to be slightly darker in color than anything we've seen before, with some red mixed into the facade. (It's possible that that's because it was photographed off a construction fence, but the surrounding buildings seem like they're the same color in each version of the rendering.) The Adjmi-designed building has been in the works since 2011, and was slated to be rentals. The Selldorf building on the other hand, at 10 Bond, is for sale and units there hit the market earlier this month. Out of the 11 total units, three are on the market, and three are already in contract including the most expensive apartment to become available so far, a 2,775-square-foot 3BR asking $7.75 million.
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10 Bond Street

10 Bond Street, New York, NY