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Slope Shitshow Plated in Copper; South Bronx Lot Asks $3M

PARK SLOPE—The garage conversion at 396 15th Street, formerly known at the South Slope Shitshow due to its history of botched excavations and cracked facades, has rebounded by plating itself in sheets of copper. That seems to more or less count as an improvement (if an annoyingly reflective one) in this case. [IMBY; previously]

SOUTH BRONX—The South Bronx appears to be heating up, as a 4,100-square-foot lot in the Lower Concourse Rezoning District has hit the market with a heft $3 million asking price. Zoning of the lot, located at 100 East 149th Street, would allow for a 10- to 12-story residential building, and it's not the only development site in the immediate area. [W2TB]

UPPER EAST SIDE—The Landmarks Preservation Commission voted today to approve the new Park Avenue Historic District, the city's 111th historic district. It consists of 64 buildings and sites, including 40 Park Avenue, 1040 Park Avenue, 1111 Park Avenue, and 1120 Park Avenue, St. Ignatius Loyola, and the Park Avenue Christian Church, and runs on Park Avenue from the northeast corner of 79th Street to East 91st Street. No word yet on whether the Park Avenue Christian Church's rectory, a focal point of the debate over the district, was determined to be "Gothic Revival" like the rest of the church, or "no style" like developer Extell's lawyers were trying to pretend it is. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]