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After Extreme Reno, UES House Wants $14.2M in Major Flip

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Less than four years ago, it was a recently vacated count's house. But after a 2.5-year renovation, this Treadwell Farm Historic District townhome on East 62nd Street is a decidedly non-historic fiefdom of crushed velvet, a glassy back facade, and other sleek trappings.

Here's how the transformation went down. Investment banking honcho Gunter Frangenburg and his wife Katerina bought the house in 2011 for a "mere" $4,570,000. At the time, we described the 20-foot-wide, then-four-story townhouse, which once belonged to the late Austrian-American painter Count Rudolf Anton Bernatschke, as having an "artsy vibe": "Original details, central air, and a garden out back. Cute, right?" Well, the Frangenburgs' reno took whatever artsy vibe and original details remained and threw it out the window, leaving an impressively contemporary array of five bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, crystal chandeliers, heated floors, newly landscaped outdoor space, and what look like at least two massive closet-rooms. The brokerbabble bills it as "the finest house in the area"—which perhaps explains the $14.2 million ask, 210 percent over what the Frangenburgs paid.

Below are photos and the floorplan of the townhouse, pre-renovation. During the reno, the Frangenburgs added a floor, which resulted in a minor collapse that injured four workers back in 2012. Sayonara, ceiling moldings.

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