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High-Rises Sprout From East Village in Google's Time Traveler

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[Bowery and 4th, 2007 to 2013]

It's starting to seem like we all enjoy looking at pictures of pre- and post-gentrification New York City a little too much, but anyway, BuzzFeed got that new time machine feature in Google Maps to work and used it to do the only logical thing: find all the corners of the East Village that have seen massive development since 2007 and put the images side by side for everyone to mourn/celebrate/scream their indifference at/etc. You can see a bunch more (depressing, depending on your point of view) pictures over there, although they don't have the little slide-y thing that lets you toggle back and forth.

[SoulCycle and Blink Gym replace a Halloween pop up store on the corner of 4th Street and Lafayette]

[The site that formerly housed Mars Bar now ... doesn't.]

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