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These Photos Inside the Domino Sugar Refinery Are Incredible

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If this is our last look inside the in-the-process-of-being-demolished Domino Sugar Refinery, it sure is a good one. As Two Trees barrels ahead with their redevelopment plan for the site, photographer Paul Raphaelson has been exploring the dilapidated factory and snapping some mind-blowing pictures (with permission). "As much as I would have liked to do it guerilla-style," he tells us, "I needed more time and access than I could have gotten away with on the sly." He is currently compiling the photos into a book that he is working on with Pulitzer Prize-winning photo editor Stella Kramer.

Raphaelson intends for the book to focus not just on the wreckage of the former sugar refinery, but on its history as well. Architectural historian Matt Postal will be contributing an essay and Raphaelson is in the process of interviewing former workers from the Domino factory. (And he's looking for more people to interview, so if you know of anyone in some way connected to the building's past, feel free to get in contact with him.) The next phase of the project is going to be raising some money through crowd funding in order to get a publisher interested.

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