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This Geometric Exoskeleon Encircles UWS Apartments-To-Be

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Ever since renderings surfaced of the architectural craziness coming to Amsterdam Avenue between 67th and 68th streets, we've been waiting to see what it would look like in the flesh concrete. Handel Architects has overlaid a diagrid of criss-crossing columns on the facade of the building, which will house 239 units when complete. Construction is progressing speedily on the Equity Residential-developed project. The 20-story, 185-foot-tall structure just topped out, and the glassy walls under the exoskeleton reach about halfway up. Based on Equity's track record, we're betting this will be rentals. Some morning commuters shot the under-construction building curious looks—needless to say, it doesn't really look like anything else around.

Earlier this week, Curbed commenter Jeff said:

UWSer here. Can confirm the skeleton building looks like garbage so far, i.e. even worse than the rendering. Things could change, but at this point, it's just unfinished concrete pilings and really hideous windows with no reflection and these weird thick black dividers between panels.

Not everyone agrees, though, with another reader rebutting: "The rendering looks fantastic. If the real thing looks half as good it will be better than 95% of the buildings in this section of the UWS." Do you agree with viewpoint 1 or 2? · Meet The Exoskeleton-Clad Tower Coming To Amsterdam Ave. [Curbed]
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