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The Easiest Area in Manhattan To Rent a Place Right Now Is...

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Well, it's uptown. At least if you go by the sheer number of rental apartments on the market. The folks over at sales, leasing and real estate marketing consultants Marketing Directors have crunched the numbers on all of the rental listings that were on market in March—4,505, to be precise—in order to figure out where the most available apartments are, and what prices are like in those areas. The Upper West Side had the most listings, with 827, accounting for 18 percent of all active listings in Manhattan. Coming in a strong second place was the Upper East Side (730 listings), followed by Stuy Town and Peter Cooper Village (502), "Clinton" a.k.a. Hell's Kitchen (304), and the Financial District (296). Where is it hardest to find an apartment, purely from an inventory perspective? Chinatown, which was home to only six active rental listings in March. As for rental pricing, with which everybody is absolutely obsessed, Tribeca was the most expensive area, with an average rent of $9,667/month for March's available listings. Meanwhile, Marketing Directors found that the cheapest neighborhood in Manhattan was also the one with the least selection—Chinatown, with an average rent of $2,682/month. (Remember, average rents aren't always as good a measure as median rents, because averages are pushed higher by extremely expensive options.)

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— Photo of the Upper West Side via Flickr/Several Seconds