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More Gas Stations, Parking Garages Getting Converted

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Although the parking lot/garage/gas station-eating real estate boom has been well documented up to this point, so far it has been primarily relegated to Manhattan. But now that may be changing, as Brownstoner is relaying rumors of three separate Brooklyn gas stations that are supposedly in the process of being replaced by apartment buildings. One site, a Gulf station at 134 Vanderbilt Avenue, will soon be home to a six-story Karl Fischer, while the other two, a Citgo station at 184 Classon Avenue and a Sunoco at 584 Gates Avenue, are less confirmed. (The Citgo has been sold, according to workers there, although the sale has yet to hit public records. The Sunoco sold at auction for $1.695 million.) Meanwhile, Manhattan, never content to be left out of all the fun, will soon see a garage at 430 West 15th Street converted by Atlas Capital Group and Rockpoint Group into a glassy office building. Sounds like we're only a few years out from people getting all nostalgic over gas pumps.
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