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Pee Sustainably at Bush Terminal's New Comfort Station

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A yet-to-be-opened portion of the former brownfield site-turned-public park, Bush Terminal, is getting a new, sustainable "comfort station" designed by Turett Collaborative Architects. The 1,200-square-foot structure will house public restrooms, an administrative office, and storage for sports teams and Parks Department maintenance crews. The firm was tapped by AECOM to develop a structure that spoke to the city's PlaNYC sustainability standards.

Turett on their solution:

The immediate surroundings presented a solution in both the abandoned remnants of former industry and the active operations along the waterfront: shipping containers could be efficiently procured from surplus, refined economically off-site, and repurposed for the park. A symbol of the past, a nod to aspirations for renewal, and an object lesson in the same adaptive reuse that are the park's raison d'être. When finished, the structure, assembled of four conjoined shipping containers, will have a live roof to help it stay cool and insulated, and turbines to help supply electricity.

The "comfort station" will be in a section of the park west of First Avenue between 45th and 49th streets that's poised to open this summer. The park's first phase opened to hoped to open to the public in the fall of 2013.
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