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Children's Aid Society Slashes Ask On UES Mansion To $18M

The PriceChopper visits nonprofits, too, and hence the Children's Aid Society has cut the asking price of its school on East 88th Street from $20M to $18 million. The Rhinelander Children's Center is the latest real estate divestment from the reprioritizing nonprofit; the brownstone at 350 East 88th Street has been marketed as a property ripe for conversion, with special floorplans drawn up so buyers can envision what it would look like as a 50-foot-wide, single-family mansion. Along with a lower price, the marketing team has put out the video above, which touts the "4-story mansion on the Upper East Side" while panning kids' classrooms, an "upgraded oversized elevator," "three private terraces," "15,405 feet of interior space" and "11'-22' ceilings." The Children's Aid Society is in good company—New York Foundling, United Charities, Hale House, the Center for Fiction, and the American Bible Society are all selling off offices or headquarters to take advantage of a bustling real estate market. Trend much?
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Rhinelander Children's Center

350 East 88th Street, New York NY