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432 Park Soars Skyward; Many Hope LG Doesn't Do the Same

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MIDTOWN—432 Park Avenue is soaring up, up, and away and closer to completion, as these photos from a tipster depict. The nearly 1,400-foot tall superscraper-to-be is now visible over the Central Park treeline, and en route to becoming the city's tallest structure with inhabitable floors. Earlier today, Curbed procured the record-setting building's floorplans for its 92nd-floor penthouse that's on the market and asking $79.5 million. [CurbedWire inbox; previously]

THE PALISADES—Several park and preservation organizations including the New Jersey Conservation Foundation and the Palisades Park Conservancy filed a "friend of the court" brief today in New Jersey Appellate Court against LG's plans to erect a 143-foot-tall headquarters in Englewood Cliffs that would rise above the Palisades treeline and, for many, mar the view of the land. Legal papers expressing oppositions to the tower's height were also filed by key officials including Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. The court briefs express the wide disapproval of the electronic manufacturer's headquarters. The proposed building would rise eight stories, four times higher than pre-existing height restrictions in the area. With the building's plan approved by the Borough of Englewood Cliffs, an LG spokesman told the Times it's unfeasible to redesign the building at this late stage, and that the company will move ahead with the plan. [CurbedWire inbox; NYT; previously]

432 Park Avenue

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