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Ridgewood Building to Look Like It's Covered in Open Wounds

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Wyckoff Heights spotted this rendering of a new building coming to 482 Seneca Avenue in Ridgewood, which features a number of embellishments that resemble nothing so much as open wounds (gross, sorry) on the building's otherwise ordinary dark brick facade. If it actually looks like this when it's constructed, it's going to be hard for everyone to resist the urge to cover it with a series of giant bandaids.

The building that currently stands at the site is a two-story former factory, which was purchased by an LLC-shielded developer in 2012. The plan is to enlarge the existing structure (the permits say four stories, but the rendering looks like six) and create a 16-unit residential building, with architect Charles Mallea handling the design, such as it is.
· Enlargement and residential conversion for 482 Seneca Avenue [Wyckoff Heights]